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Heather Lee

Curriculum Vitae


Past course resources:
Spring 2021   Linear Analysis (UW Math 309)
Spring 2020   Introduction to Differential Equations (UW Math 307)


I completed my Ph.D in mathematics at UC Berkeley, where my thesis advisor was Denis Auroux. Since then I have collaborated with Jayadev Athreya, Haniya Azam, Catherine Cannizzo, Yu-Wei Fan, and Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu. Below are my papers.

Global homological mirror symmetry for genus two curves
Haniya Azam, Catherine Cannizzo, Heather Lee, and Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu
in preparation, expect to complete in Fall 2021
video, slides from Western Hemisphere Virtual Symplectic Geometry Seminar, Apr. 2021.

Action-angle and complex coordinates on toric manifolds
Haniya Azam, Catherine Cannizzo, and Heather Lee
Research Directions in Symplectic and Contact Geometry and Topology, Springer, 2021
Comment: the picture to the left is plotted using Equation (93) from the paper; demos link.

Homological mirror symmetry for open Riemann surfaces from pair-of-pants decompositions
Heather Lee
video, slides from Simons Collaboration Workshop on HMS, Jan. 2017.